Gibassier Dough
Bread Flour 100%
Milk 45%
Eggs 12.5%
Yeast .1%

Bread Flour 100%
Water 8%
Eggs 28%
Olive Oil 18.8%
Orange blossom water 6.3%
Osmotolerant yeast 2.8%
Salt 1.9%
Suagr 25%
Butter 18.8%
Candied Orange Peel 25%
Anise Seed 2%
Sponge 41.2%

Intensive mix- smooth on edges
thin "potato chip" window pane
after butter added "sun burn"
Roll in to balls and bench rest
then roll into a torpedo shape
flatten out four inches wide. with a chizzle cut the palmier design using stabbing motions
stretch out slightly so the design is definite
and bake 365 for 12-15 min
brush with clarified butter
and dip in sugar- both sides